Green Garlic Cream Pizza Sauce

White Sauce Pizza Recipe 

The internet is full of crazy allegations and outlandish theories. From claiming the world is flat to Justin Bieber being a space lizard. As much as I wish the latter was true its most likely not and some theories on the internet just need to die.So today I will do my part to clean the internet of false claims. Since I’m still not sure about Justin Bieber’s origins I’ll tackle the LIES of white pizza sauce.

All you have to do is a simple google search for white pizza sauce and you will be bombarded with recipes that start by saying, “add flour and butter to a pan to make a roux. Slowly whisk in milk and cook until thickened.”Enough is enough! Besides the fact that these sauces make for a pizza that is heavy and dense, it’s also way more work then you need to do.

The most amount of work you should be putting in is heating up a pot of cream with aromatics and the least should be opening up a carton of cream and using it. White pizzas should be more about the cheese then the sauce. By using cream we are just creating an opportunity for the cheese to melt evenly and become slightly saucy.Although this sauce is simple there are a couple of ways to go about making it.

You can use cream straight out of the carton. I like to do this when I want to showcase a certain cheese. I find this to be really great with vegetarian pies that use a more unique or robust cheese than mozzarella. It can help bring out the flavors of a taleggio or fontina without overpowering it as a flavored cream would.

When it comes to flavoring cream you have two options steeping and blending. Steeping is a great option for earthier flavors. Earthy flavors of rosemary or thyme really come out when heated in cream, as does the savory taste of mushroom stems. There is no need to chop anything just add the ingredients whole and heat the cream to just below a simmer and wait 10 minutes and strain. Blending, on the other hand, is great for bright flavors. I like it with softer herbs like basil or chives. It brings freshness to a white pizza that can lighten up a normally rich pie. It’s one of my favorite ways to make this style of sauce. I put everything into a blender and blend until the cream slightly thickens. A great combination is a green garlic and lemon.It’s got a nice kick of garlic and brightness from the lemon juice.Green garlic is only available in the spring and it pairs really well with all those spring vegetables we have missed during a wet winter.

Green Garlic Cream


One stalk of green garliczest of one lemonjuice of half a lemon1 pint of heavy creamsalt to taste

Combine all ingredients into a blender. Turn the blender on medium speed and blend until the cream slightly thickens. Make sure not to blend the mixture for too long or it will become too thick and turn into whipped cream.