Cherry Tomato and Basil Flatbread

Fresh Take on Flatbread!

Fall is definitely here, but at Pizzacraft®, we’re trying to hold on to that summer feeling as long as possible. This Cherry Tomato and Basil Flatbread recipe is a taste of summer that will remind you how versatile pizza toppings can be. The combination of the fresh crisp salad and the warm flatbread make for a perfectly complex bite. We heated up our Baking Steel and got to business on this new summer (or fall) favorite. So hit the grocery store and find some of the final fresh tomatoes and basil of the season and get to work on this warm summer delight. 

 Oil with a Twist 

We combine olive oil and sliced garlic to make a zesty infused oil that adds heaps of flavor to the salad as well as the flatbread. The flatbread is hearty enough to eat solo for a light meal. It is also a great way to give your menu a twist when making a bunch of traditional-style pizzas on pizza night.
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Steel vs. Stone

This flatbread recipe is so quick and easy to make, it’s our go-to choice for a healthy weeknight meal. Our Baking Steel is one of our favorite methods for making a pizza on the grill. Baking Steels conduct heat better than a pizza stone, store more heat per unit volume, and stabilize at a lower temperature.
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1 portion pizza dough1 cup halved cherry tomatoes¼ red onion julienned1 cup ciliegine sized mozzarella*1 cup torn basil leaves4 garlic cloves¼ cup extra virgin olive oil½ lemon*if you can’t find ciliegine sized mozzarella you can cut any sized mozzarella into½ inch chunks


Preheat your pizza steel on your grill with indirect heat or in your oven for 20
minutes. While the steel preheats, slice the cloves of garlic as thin as possible and
combine with the olive oil.

When the steel is done preheating; stretch your dough
and place on your floured pizza peel. Using a dough docker or a fork, prick the dough all over. Drizzle the dough with the garlic-infused olive oil and give it a sprinkle of sea salt.
Make sure to reserve at least a tablespoon of the garlic-infused olive oil.Slide the dough onto your pizza steel. While the dough cooks, combine the
mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and onion in a bowl. Squeeze the lemon over the
tomato mix and add some of the garlic-infused olive oil. Season with sea salt and mix to combine.
Remove the dough from the steel and top with the salad mixture and serve
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 Heat up the Steel!

In a 500°F oven, a baking steel will stabilize at around 450°F due to the steel’s radiative properties. It gives constant heat even as it absorbs it, causing it to stabilize at a temperature that’s slightly cooler than the air around it. Even though the steel is cooler than a stone, it is far superior at transferring energy to whatever is placed on top of it.
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Pizzacraft® Baking Steels are pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. Seasoning helps to condition the steel and prevents food from sticking to it.

Pizza steels are intended for oven use.Only use indirect heat if using on a grill. Do not turn burners on directly under the steel.


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This week’s PIZZA OF THE WEEK is made by Inna @theflourfloozy! Inna made a beautiful pizza this week on her Pizzacraft® Pizza Stone! Thanks Inna!

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Thanks so much to everyone else submitting pizzas! I see you, keep baking it looks delicious! 

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