Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough Recipe

Two Ingredient Pizza Dough

I was looking around this week for new pizza recipes when I stumbled upon something super interesting: a recipe claiming you could make pizza dough in 10 minutes with just two ingredients! While that shocked me, I was even more surprised when the recipe said the main ingredient was Greek Yogurt! Naturally, this was something I needed to try. 

greek yogurt pizza dough

To get the full effect of the Greek yogurt dough I decided to test three different brands of plain Greek yogurt. The way the recipe essentially works is the yogurt is mixed with self-rising flour. When the flour is combined with the somewhat acidic Greek yogurt the mixture becomes very similar to pizza dough. The dough retains a fair amount of yogurt taste and is less elastic than regular dough. Even still, the recipe is extremely fast and the Greek yogurt adds a ton of protein to your pizza, making it a fun and worthwhile recipe to try out!

Here is our take on the best Greek yogurt to try this recipe with.

Two Ingredient Pizza Dough Recipe

1 1/2 cups self-rising flour (can easily be made by combining 1 cup of all-purpose flour with 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt)

1 Cup Greek Yogurt


Combine Ingredients in a bowl and begin to mix with a spoon or spatula.Once the mixture begins to combine, knead the dough on a floured surface for 7 minutes.Add flour as needed while mixing as the dough can be sticky and moist.When dough is fully kneaded cut the dough ball in half. These will get you two 10 inch pizzas.Roll each ball out to about 10 inches on a floured surface. Rolling is recommended as the dough does not stretch like traditional pizza dough.Add toppings and cook in the Pizzeria Pronto® or conventional oven on a pizza stone for around 8-10 minutes at 600 degrees F or until the dough becomes golden brown. But honestly, keep an eye out while cooking, because the dough stayed more “wet” that we like it to be, and could have been cooked longer.

greek yogurt pizza dough

The Best Greek Yogurt To Use 

Yogurt 1 Clover Whole Milk 3.5%

The Clover Greek Yogurt was our favorite yogurt for this recipe. While all the yogurts produced solid dough, the higher milk fat of this yogurt added a little more flavor and color to the dough. Though it created a more soggy pizza.

yogurt dough recipe

Yogurt 2 Fage Total 2%

Similar to Clover this yogurt made dough that both tasted good and held up very well in the oven. Although the slightly less milk fat took away some flavor and color from the dough. Arguably, you may not want to taste the full spectrum of Greek yogurt while eating your pizza. 

two ingredient pizza dough

Yogurt 3 Aussie Greek Yogurt 1.5%

Having the lowest milk fat this yogurt lacked the flavor that dough 1 and 2 had. While it didn’t affect the ability to make the dough at all, it just didn’t seem to have as much of a taste. Though it created a more crunchy pizza.

pizza dough recipe


You may never make pizza the same again after you have tried this recipe, that is if you are still willing to call this a pizza. While all the Greek yogurts worked, the pizzas we made did have a really distinctive taste. That said, they still tasted good and were all eaten. So if you are looking for a fast dough for a last minute pizza packed with protein, this is a great option!

On top of that, we only used plain yogurt for this recipe, thinking flavored yogurt might make it too complicated. After this experiment though, I think it might be fun to try some other flavors out and see what happens, maybe make a dessert pizza with some fancy honey or strawberry Greek yogurt.

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This week’s PIZZA OF THE WEEK goes out to @sl4045 ! This pizza oven made it all the way to Denmark! Happy to see our friends enjoying pizza across the seas.

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Next week will choose another one of our favorite pizzas to feature right here on the blog! 

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