5 Accessories To Take Your Pizza Party To The Next Level!

5 Accessories To Take Your Pizza Party To The Next Level!

Just about everyone has been to a bad pizza party. With greasy pizza in a box, it tastes like the box, and you’re choices are pepperoni or cheese. While this might offend those of your that are nostalgic, I think we have grown out of this Chucky Cheese pizza party.

Meanwhile, we have developed a taste for homemade pizza, but it’s still easy to get stuck in the same ruts. In order to bring some life to your pizza parties again, here are 5 of our favorite tools and accessories to switch up your pizza rotation and take your party to the next level!

Calzone Press

Calzone Press

The Calzone Press is single-handedly my favorite Pizzacraft® tool. I love this tool because it brings everyone in on the pizza making process! Almost like a taco bar, you can set up a calzone making station where each guest gets to add their own fillings to their calzone before throwing them all in the oven! The press is easy for everyone to use and makes a perfect calzone every time; once you learn to not overstuff it.

Pizza Cone Set

pizza cone set

If you want to get a little flashier than the calzone, you can make the more modern Pizza Cones. Pizza cones are essentially a pizza version of an ice cream cone. They offer the same craft-ability as a calzone with the added benefit of being an upright cone! Not only are these picture-worthy, but also pretty fun to eat.

Pizza Seasonings

pizza seasoning

Sometimes you get stuck making the same kind of pizzas, but who can blame you? You know what toppings you like! I understand that’s why if I am looking for something different I will start by changing the flavor of my dough with the three Pizzacraft® herb blends. Each blend adds a flavor profile of a specific pizza style giving a whole new dynamic to your pizza! You can add the blends into your dough, sauce, or sprinkle some on top.

Pizza Cookbook

pizza cookbook recipes

If variations on your classic pizza are not what you’re looking for, you can step outside the box with the Pizzacraft® Pizza Cookbook. The cookbook features some of our favorite unique artisan style pizza recipes that are sure to surprise your guests. Not only that, but there is an entire dessert pizza section that will have you making pizza for every meal.

Deep Dish Pan

deep dish pan

Becoming more and more popular is our Deep Dish Pan. The deep-dish can be a great way to make things a little different and even a little fancier by crafting a layered deep-dish pizza. So if you are having more of a dinner party than backyard BBQ I would try making a classic Chicago style pizza or inventing your own deep-dish creation.

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This week’s PIZZA OF THE WEEK goes out to @turnandburnsmokepit ! He has been making amazing pizzas on the Pizzacraft® stone in his grill! Check him out for some amazing grilled pizzas, he’s doing it right. 

Pizza Of the week

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