Dill Pickle Pizza Recipe

Dill Pickle Pizza is here to stay, maybe. 

Here at Pizzacraft® toppings have always been a super controversial subject. We have the classic pizza eaters who usually stick to original toppings such as pepperoni and onions. Others adventure into the wild side with pineapples, dates and even macaroni and cheese. We saw a rather unusual combination making its way around the internet and decided we had to give it a try. We fired up our Pizzeria Pronto® and made our own version of the infamous Dill Pickle Pizza. 


Pickle Lovers Dream 

 The salty brine of the pickles with the garlic cream sauce is a perfect flavor combination. The pickles still have the crunchy bite you would expect from a fresh pickle even though they are cooked. We even suggest trying this recipe with bread and butter pickles for those who prefer sweet over savory. If you don’t like pickles this recipe isn’t for you, Otherwise give it a try. Overall this pizza was a success and we will be making it again in the near future.  

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Pickles on Pizza?

Our office was split 50-50 between love and hate with this unconventional recipe. This savory pie is one of the most interesting flavor profiles we have experimented with to date. If you like pickles there is no way you won’t like this pizza. We added extra dill after cooking to really make the pickle flavor stand out. 

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2 cups heavy whipping cream3 garlic cloves1/2 bunch dill1/3 cup shredded low moisture mozzarella1 cup dill pickle slicesred pepper flakes (optional)


Put the cream, garlic, dill and a heavy pinch of salt into a blender. Blend themixture for 10 seconds. If you blend longer you run the risk of whipping the cream.Stretch your pizza dough and place on a peel dusted with flour. Spoon 3tablespoons of the cream mixture onto the dough followed by the mozzarella andpickles. Cook the pizza and garnish with red pepper flakes. This recipe will make enough cream sauce for multiple pizzas, cream sauce will keep for 1 week covered in fridge.

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This week’s PIZZA OF THE WEEK is @Grayda1! This beautiful looking half pepperoni half cheese is a culinary masterpiece, Cheers!  


Thanks so much to everyone else submitting pizzas! I see you, keep baking it looks delicious! 

If you maker Pickle Pizza in your Pronto® or in your own oven I would love to see on Instagram @_pizzacraft or #pizzacraft. Next week will choose our favorite pizza to feature right here on the blog!